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EDE 3 Article: Carotid #POCUS in Cardiac Arrest

December 7, 2015

If you listen to EmCrit, you know that Scott Weingart talks about placing a femoral art line during cardiac arrest to better assess the response to therapy and guide epi dosing. In many EDs in Canada with only one emerg doc on duty to be both the brain and the hands for running a code, placing an art line may not be practical. Maybe the following is an alternative? This EDE 3 article by Adedipe et al explores the use of Carotid POCUS with pulse-wave Doppler for assessing flow during CPR. Have a listen to TJ’s summary of the article. I’m not sure about the feasibility of assessing flow within the carotid during cardiac arrest with ongoing cardiac compressions. As Tom and Phil Stasiak point out, the logistics and movement would pose a challenge. Assessing the femoral artery might be easier. This is obviously very early on and needs more research. But it’s a super interesting concept!

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