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Pining for POCUS

January 22, 2018

I just met Dr Wendy Iseman online. She is an emergency physician from Markham in the GTA. She signed up for the EDE 2 Course being held prior to the EMU conference. But she had to cancel. Why? Their one and only ultrasound machine has suffered a final blow and will emit sound waves no more. So deep was her lament, that she was inspired to write these lyrics that she sent in this email:

About a month ago our single, getting old ultrasound machine broke. I was frustrated (we should have better and more than one machine). So I wrote a song…

(We are finally trialing to buy one more working on 2)

Here’s the song:

    Waving through a(n ultrasound) window (to the tune of “waving through a window” from dear Evan Hansen)

I’ve learned to slam on the brake
Before I thrombolyze your P.E.
Before I make the mistake
Before collapsing of your RV

Is periC(ardial) fluid there?
No slipping up while the code spirals away
Our ultrasound’s in repair
So, I’ve got nothing to say

Without, without my probe
I’m getting concerned
Hyphema or ruptured globe
How can I learn, How can I learn?

On the outside needing to look in, well I
get a thrill if the abdo pain is thin, I’m
snap snap with fluid on the FAST
I’m craving that small window, A

fetal heart that nobody can hear, not IU (IUP)
don’t wait around
for a report to appear
Scan cellulitis
Finding an abcess

I’m sliding on the gel-lo
8 month pregnant, MVC
Is anybaby waving back at me?

Triage held up by his cries
Let’s help his pain then he’ll be gone
The ureter’s a huge size
And his teste flow seems so strong

Without, without my probe
I keep getting burned
Without, without our probe
How can We learn? how can We learn?

On the outside needing to look in, can I (help)
get a line so resus can begin, can I
tap tap strategic planning brass
(It can) speed up ED dispo. Its

critical this point in my career, cause I
need some help to reach a higher tier
while I watch watch that
IVC collapse

Waving through a window whoa-oh
a new ultrasound for me
is anybody saving?…

Large heart (border) on the chest (XR)?
the rads are not around
I know there must be cash
to buy another ultrasound

Bayonet fracture to your wrist
before the plaster is laid down
align this awkward smash
when we get our ultrasound

When your back pain is the sorest
and your pressures in the ground
capital funding, where’s that stash?
We will need more ultrasounds

When the ER is a forest yet there’s nobody around
Do you ever really crash with out an ultrasound?

You’ll hear us make a sound
until we buy more ultrasounds
I’m sure a loaner can be found
I miss our crappy ultrasound

On the outside wanting to look in, I can’t
wait to see past the fascia and the skin, cause I’m
tap tap tapping this guys chest
avoid the waving (lung)tissue oh I

Start an IJ but carotid is so near, When they
desat its my pneumo that I fear, let me
watch watch pleura sliding past?

Craving that small window whoa oh
can anybody see
I need a way to gauge that.. new VP (or IVC )

(January 8 in)
Gel-oh gel-oh

Ed. note: Keep plugging away Wendy! Wishing an ultrasound machine for #youwillbefound one day soon 🙂

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  1. Wendy says:

    To any abscess lurking
    Any hard to find vein
    Colour Doppler not working
    Help quantify LV strain

    Stones in the bile duct
    Massive dissection
    (Lost condom when you…
    But lost your erection)(no?)
    Trying a nerve block
    But need some direction

    Look for a FB in crud
    It must be microscopic
    Won’t miss a belly of blood
    If you find the early ectopic

    Floaters and bright lights
    Joint effusions located
    Turf wars and infights
    Our machine’s been upgraded !!!

    Each problem we crossed
    Resolved with ultrasound
    If you’ve been rather lost
    Yes #youwillbefound

    Thanks Steve!!