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About EDE

If you are an emergency physician in Canada, you have likely heard the term EDE before. But if you are a physician in another specialty, or another type of health-care provider, or you are from another country, the term requires a brief introduction. EDE, pronounced “Eddie”, stands for Emergency Department Echo. It is synonymous with bedside ultrasound, point-of-care ultrasound, and all the many other terms out there that are intended to describe a clinician performing an ultrasound on their own patient. The term was coined by Dr. Ray Wiss from Sudbury, Ontario. Ray is the creator of The EDE Course. The course has taught EDE to over 7000 physicians since 2001.

The EDE 2 Course started in 2009.  EDE 2 picks up where The EDE Course left off.  The EDE 2 Course is a course in advanced emergency ultrasound.  Dr. Steve Socransky leads the EDE 2 Team of a dozen editors, authors, and translators.  Dr. Greg Hall started EDE 3 in 2012.  EDE 3 comprises a bunch of uber-advanced topics that the EDE team presents once a year at a holiday locale.