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EDE 3 is almost here!

January 14, 2016

EDE 3 Toque 1

EDE 3 is almost here!  Two days of leading edge point-of-care ultrasound goodness and fine powder skiing in beautiful Sun Peaks B.C.  We have assembled over 15 gurus to introduce eager clinicians to the latest and greatest applications.


How is this for an itinerary?

  1. RV and wall motion assessment
  2. Valvulopathy
  3. Transcranial
  4. Testicular
  5. Appendix, bowel obstruction
  6. Diastology
  7. Pulmonary
  8. Shoulder
  9. Advanced regional blocks
  10. Fluid assessment
  11. Cricothyrotomy and ETT guidance



The course sold out a while ago but I have an extra place or two that opened up in the past week.  If you have the need, the need to ski…and scan, then go to and register today!

Otherwise, stay tuned for our next EDE 3 course in Toronto this fall.

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